Leadership Consulting Group of San Francisco

Trusted Advisors For Executives Committed to Leadership Excellence

We partner with executives committed to the highest success and fulfillment not only for themselves but for everyone within their sphere of influence, the true test of great leadership.

For three decades we have served as confidants and advisors to executives on these key determinants of success:

  • A clear vision compelling to every stakeholder
  • Formulation of a strategy that will ensure success
  • Executive teaming and partnering among diverse,  highly talented, independent thinkers
  • Organization design (structure, processes, technology) to empower sustained performance
  • A culture that focuses people at all levels on the core purpose of the enterprise and on key priorities
  • Navigating the dynamics of power, politics, and personality
  • Managing change effectively

Contact Us

For more information or a complementary initial consultation please contact J. David Brewer, PhD, Executive Officer of the Leadership Consulting Group

  • +1-415-366-0427
  • +1-888-840-8276 (Fax)
  • david@jdbrewer.com
  • PO Box 151444
    San Rafael, CA 94915-1444